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HGVparking by is the most comprehensive guide ever to overnight lorry parking in the EU. Search for Parking areas, including motorway services, truck stops, garages, car parks, laybys, and industrial areas, also Fuel locations and Low bridge heights.HGVparking makes lorry parking easy to locate parking areas and truckstops anywhere in the EU. It's perfect if you're not familiar with an area or want an alternative to a busy service area, it's dead simple to use and a great tool to have with you in the cab.
With HGV parking, you can search for truckstops, motorway services, and much more besides. In HGVparking you can also add your own favourite truck stop. Just like the HGVparking app allows you to search for truckstops and much more with your location anywhere in Europe.
Truck parking has never been easier, HGV parking is always there for you.
Please note: Fuel and Low bridge data is currently available only in the UK. Bridge restriction and Fuel data is of low maturity and still in development, content will be constantly updated.
Dan Nevin - "HGVparking really helped me out when I get stuck on the motorway, cheers buddy"
Chris Smith - "This is the best trucking app of the bunch!"